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With a zoning system, you can effectively control the temperature, humidity, air quality, and general comfort in each of your home’s “zones”. These zones are simply different areas of your home, split up in a way that is energy efficient and provides maximum comfort to you and your family.

The zoning system allows you to heat one zone while cooling the other, dehumidify one zone while utilizing an air cleaner in another, and much more. By using a zoning system, you essentially have total control over your home’s indoor climate, allowing you to save thousands of dollars on utility bills while simultaneously enjoying personalized comfort.

At Woodward Heating, we sell and install the Honeywell TrueZone Zoning System. This easy-to-use system utilizes state-of-the-art technology and can last for years on end. Our highly trained technicians can help you determine if a zoning system in Salem is right for you and, if so, we can quickly and efficiently handle the installation process. Visit us today and find out why we have been trusted by residents all throughout the area since 1989.

You should consider getting a zoning system in Salem if your home has any of the following:

  • An extra room over the garage
  • Rooms that are occupied in the basement or attic
  • Rooms that are occasionally used
  • Bedroom(s) in the upper levels
  • Rooms that are consistently too cold or too hot
  • Room(s) with an exposed concrete floor
  • Room(s) in a finished basement or attic
  • Room(s) with large windows
  • Multiple levels

Feel free to reach out to us today to learn more about zoning systems in Salem and how we can help you. Call us at (503) 406-4017.

Honeywell TrueZone Zoning System

Honeywell TrueZone Zoning System

Home Temperature Zoning is simply the process of dividing your home into different zones, or areas, and then heating or cooling them as needed.

It’s the ideal way to eliminate hot and cold spots. Plus, zoning systems save energy by heating and cooling only the areas of your home that you’re using.

Honeywell TrueZone Benefits & Features

  • Ideal for every 2+ story home
  • Provides more even temperatures throughout the home
  • Don’t heat and cool unused areas of the home

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