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Let Our Salem HVAC Team Maintain, Recalibrate or Repair Your Thermostat!

If you are experiencing an issue with your HVAC system, often times the culprit is your thermostat. And thankfully, fixing a thermostat is much more affordable than replacing your HVAC system. When you are dealing with a frustrating thermostat and need expert Salem HVAC services, there is one company you can count on to efficiently resolve your problems—Woodward Heating.

A properly functioning thermostat will ensure your home stays at the proper temperature and you and your loved ones experience optimal comfort. If you believe your thermostat requires maintenance and need our Salem thermostat services, recalibration or repairs, don’t hesitate to contact our Salem HVAC team at Woodward Heating today.

How Do I Know If My Thermostat is Malfunctioning?

Common thermostat issues include:

  • Your thermostat does not control the temperature
  • Your thermostat has lost calibration
  • Your thermostat sends faulty signals
  • Your thermostat has dirty components
  • Your thermostat has lost system performance and efficiency
  • Your thermostat has broken completely

If you aren’t sure whether it is better to repair or replace your thermostat, you should ask yourself the following:

  • Does my thermostat constantly break?
  • Is my thermostat old (more than 10 years old)?
  • Is my thermostat often off in its precision?

Should I Repair or Replace My Thermostat?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions it could be time to consider having a new thermostat installed. And while fixing your thermostat yourself is always an option, a word of caution: programming a thermostat can be complicated work. Additionally, when a thermostat isn’t functioning properly there could be a number of reasons why, ranging from build up, to loose wires, to a blown fuse, to a tripped breaker, to dead batteries.

At Woodward Heating, we are experts at diagnosing the real reason why your thermostat isn’t working and at providing you with reliable and long-term solutions. For more information, don’t delay in calling our office today at (503) 406-4017.

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