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Commercial and residential gas piping installation requires the expertise of experienced and knowledgeable technicians like those at Woodward Heating. It is easy to find plenty of do-it-yourself (DIY) articles that will walk a novice through the process for a gas line installation. Yet, is it worth losing both hearth and home if one does not take every precaution during the installation process?

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Why Call a Professional Gas Piping Contractor?

Defective parts or even human error can cause a gas line accident or explosion in the home. Without proper safety practices, the probability of a gas leak rises, creating significant risks to homes or businesses. Usually, gas leaks occur when there is a change in the pipeline that causes the problem.

Without proper professional installation, the chance of an explosion rises, which could result in serious fatal burns and loss of property. No matter how easy it all sounds for a reliable gas pipe installation in Salem, hiring an expert who understands the safety codes, the size of piping, and ventilation requirements for a gas line installation project is the answer.

Gas appliances that require professional assistance:

  • Gas Dryers
  • Space Heaters
  • Water Heaters
  • Gas Refrigerators
  • Fireplace Gas Logs
  • Gas Stoves/Ranges
  • Outdoor Patio Kitchens
  • Tankless Water Heaters
  • Gas Lines for Pool Heaters
  • Outdoor Fireplaces or Fire Pits

The Right Piping, Fittings & Valves for Gas Line Hookups

Connecting piping, fittings, and valves to the main source of gas can be tricky. With several appliances being linked to the main gas source, pipes, fittings, and valves need to be carefully chosen.

Factors that determine the size of the piping required for gas pipe installation:

  • Allowable loss in pressure from the point of delivery to the gas appliance
  • Length of gas piping and the number of fittings required
  • Specific gravity of gas and diversity factors
  • Maximum demand for gas

Not knowing which fittings to utilize with a gas piping installation can be problematic if the wrong ones are used. Leaks from poorly fitting connections can lead to hazardous consequences. Since the gas cannot be seen, and without appropriate ventilation, an unsafe environment can be created in the home.

Cost Efficiency of Gas Appliances

Gas appliances are more cost effective to run than electric appliances. When installed correctly, they use less energy to operate and are more efficient to use, lowering utility bills. Homes that utilize gas produce 50% fewer carbon emissions than homes using electricity. Have a professional connect the gas line installations for all new gas appliances to lower the incidence of leaks in the lines, keeping the family out of harm’s way.

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